My Rebranding Process

After being in business for almost 13 years, you better believe that I have rebranded at least once. In 2011, I did a complete overhaul from my website to the logo all the way down to a legal business name change. Recently I changed my branding only and kept the same business name.

Why did I recently change my branding? My previous logo had blues and greys in it. It came off very “corporate”, which at the time it was designed is exactly what I wanted. I wanted potential clients to think professional and corporate. But now I want my branding to be more feminine. I would say 98% of my clients over the last 13 years have been women and I want my branding to speak, connect and be inviting to them.

My process:

  1. Logo: I started with my logo because the rest of the things I design will play off the feel, style and colors of the logo.
  2. Professional Photos: I had professional photos taken with my new logo and website in mind. I am using the photos on my social media accounts, blog posts, and throughout my website.
  3. Business cards, Social Media Headers and other graphics. For me it was a Facebook Header and Business Cards.
  4. Website: I wanted a theme that would look great with my new logo and suit the purpose of my business. I wanted it to be warm and inviting, with a feminine feel, and to include more blogs.

Some reasons businesses and organizations may rebrand:

  • You need to compete at a higher level or in a new market.
  • Your brand no longer reflects who you are.
  • Your business is spun off from an existing brand.
  • You have a legal reason compelling you to change.
  • You need to simplify and focus your message.
  • You have a new marketing team.
  • You are launching a new service line.

Main Steps of Rebranding

  1. Determine if a rebrand is necessary
  2. Research, research, research
  3. Implementation
  4. Become the new brand

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