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Brantford, ON

Why I Love Owning My Own Business

I’ll start by saying that I would have done some things differently with my business, knowing what I know now, as I did start this business right after high school, at the age of 18. But I don’t like to regret, so I look at it as a growing and learning experience.

Before kids, the benefits of having my own business were that I got to do what I wanted, when I wanted, for who I wanted. After having kids, the benefits of having my own business were reflected in how it served our family and our needs.

Such as:
-my kids don’t need to go to full time daycare and that saves a ton of money
-we have the flexibility to travel without worrying about vacation days as my work and my business can come with us
-I decide how much or how little I want or need to make each month, which also decides how many hours I’ll be working
-I am not stuck in that typical 9-5 hour timeframe, which is very important as my oldest is in kindergarten and t-ball. Someone needs to take him to school, pick him up, and take him to sports. It allows for appointments, going to the park, or just taking a break.

It is a ton of work… A TON! But, every time I get an employee job I appreciate my business all over again. It reminds me how awesome it is to make your own hours, be your own boss and never have a cap or limit to what I can or am allowed to do.

So, to all the mamas thinking about starting your own business, or going back to working at home… Do it! I’ve done it more than once and never EVER have I regretted working at home.

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