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Brantford, ON

Staying Active with Kids

With 3 kids, a husband that does shift work, a business and a full-time job, you can imagine that getting in any type of exercise to help my sanity is pretty much near impossible.

We do have an elliptical in our house, but by the time I get all the kids to bed the last thing I want to do is workout. Especially that type of workout.

I need my exercise time to be during daylight hours and most times I need to be able to bring all the kids with me.

I do love to run but that doesn’t quite work with 3 young children. “Come on kids… Keep up!”

Over 4 years ago we purchased 2 like new bikes off a local buy and sell and a double bike stroller but because we lived outside of town with uphill dirt roads… biking just wasn’t on the top of our list, unless we wanted to die of exhaustion.

Now we live in an area that is mostly flat, paved roads with sidewalks, and biking trails. It is a perfect area for family bike rides. About a month ago, I got those bikes out of the shed, dusted them off, and put air in the tires. Put together the double bike stroller, wiped it down and put air in those tires too. Made sure everyone had proper helmets (as our kid count has increased since purchasing these bikes over 4 years ago) and that everything worked.

At the moment, this is the ONLY thing I can think of that each member of our family can and wants to participate in. My oldest (kindergarten) has his own bike and the two younger girls (2.5 and 1 yr) go in the bike trailer. Even the hubby has his own bike! Because everyone can come it makes it easier to get exercise in without having to arrange around schedules and nap times.

The MOST awesome part? Our house is 0.7kms away from my son’s school. We can bike to school! So, by 9am I have already gotten some fresh air and exercise. I know it’s not a lot but it’s better than nothing, and it is definitely helping me get back into the groove.

Tips for Staying Active with Kids:
-if you can’t arrange for someone to watch your kids while you get some exercise in, then you need to think of what you could do as a family.

-online workout videos: on days that we cannot get out biking I turn to online workout videos. Sometimes my kids take part and try to copy what I am doing. In my mind a 20-min workout video is better than nothing.

-chase the kids around the yard, or play some soccer with them–something that doesn’t look like a workout, but it is exercise–and the bonus is that you’re having fun with the kids.

How do you like to stay active with your family? I would love to hear your tips and suggestions!

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