The Importance of Email Marketing

There is some discussion in the business world about whether email marketing is still an effective tool, as marketing strategies continue to rapidly advance.

One thing I continually stress to my clients when it comes to their marketing strategies is the value of email marketing. There is some discussion in the business world about whether email marketing is still an effective tool, as marketing strategies continue to rapidly advance. I always contend that businesses should still use emails as there are many different avenues that can be explored when using your email list.
The free webinar that I ran in February was on Mailchimp, which is an email marketing service for managing mailing lists. I decided to focus on Mailchimp because I think it is such an important tool for business owners as it can allow the user to track how effective their marketing campaign actually is. Statistics are available after each email is sent out which allows you to view which emails were particularly successful and which ones weren’t as strong.  The program lets you see how many emails were opened and the number of clicks each email had, allowing you to zero-in on the effective emails.
There are several applications email marketing allows you to explore with your business. I write a monthly newsletter that I send out to my clients that updates them on the current activities I am working on, as well as any recent news that may have occurred in the past month. The newsletter allows me to promote my recent work (webinars, blog posts, etc.) while simultaneously informing my email list of any new developments. At the end of each newsletter, there are links that allow the recipient to sign-up for my services, so there is potential of new clients in addition to the other things mentioned. Communicating with your clients on a monthly basis allows them to stay informed/updated on your business.
Email marketing allows you to have constant communication with past, present and potential future clients. I’ve had multiple cases where a past client has needed my services once again for a new website. Because I have been in their inbox at a constant rate, my services were at the front of their mind when deciding which company to use.
Email marketing is also a great tool for creating awareness about any promotional activities your business may be actively engaged in. For instance, let’s say you are having a seasonal sale where some products/services have a discount. While it is still important to create social media posts for the promotion, emails allow you to go into a more in-depth description about the details of the sale.
There is a big discussion about whether email marketing is still a worthwhile venture for businesses to be engaged in. Why spend time and energy on something that may show up in the spam folder a good chunk of the time? While I understand it can feel frustrating, there are still many benefits that can be derived from an email marketing campaign. If you decide to start creating emails for your clients, I promise it will not be a waste of your time.

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