The rapid growth of small businesses on an online presence

Many businesses have now moved online and are working their way to find out how to get their businesses back up and running in the online world.

As some of you may know, small business week is October 17th-23rd. Small business week has been going on for over 40 years and over 10,000 entrepreneurs gather to network, learn from each other, and celebrate their accomplishments as small businesses. This year for small business week were going to reflect on the past couple years and how the digital field took over businesses across the world, and let’s celebrate on the success of ourselves and the community of business owners across Canada.

Let’s face it. The past couple years have been TOUGH, there have been lockdowns, covid restrictions, moving to the digital world, and much more. The lockdowns are over, and the world is now slowly going back to the way things were. Although, we have made a big leap in the business world. Due to the lockdowns and businesses shutting down people had no choice but to shop online, they found that shopping online was much faster and easier which is why now 70% of shoppers prefer to shop online. Many businesses shifted and started laying off staff, getting into online sales, taking hours off, or applying for government funding. The results of lockdowns showed how many brick and mortar small businesses started decreasing in sales and losing traffic, retail sales fell by 17.9% between February and May and many are closing their doors as well.

For those businesses that saw the gap in the industry early have now moved online and are working their strategy to keep their business up and running in the online world. This rapid growth of e-commerce presence in the digital world has created some job openings for those who lost their job when retail stores closed during the lockdowns. Some experts would say that it fast forwarded the digital industry by 5-10 years in a mere 12-15months. This growth of e-commerce would change the way we look at starting a business forever.

At this point, anyone can start a business. Although that may seem exciting to most, the bigger question is  whether you’ve got what it takes to succeed and thrive in this new digital business world.  Up to now many people didn’t consider the internet the driving force to financial success, rather it was an accessory to their business model, and many werenot prepared for this huge switch to flip causing their business to turn upside down and they didn’t know how to get it back on top and functioning again. This growth in online businesses also showed an increase in business social media accounts, many small businesses created an Instagram or Facebook account to keep up with their competitors and yes,  to even get that advantage over them. Social media for a business is a huge part in the potential sales growth formula.  Saying a goodbye to print ads, radio etc and a massive HELLO to valuing social media engagement, educating and entertaining followers & most important converting followers to customers while increasing traffic to your website, ecommerce and now brick and mortar store.  Traditional advertising has taken a big turn and now with opportunities to advertise on social media directly, link products and services and create amazing offers for their customers, small business has more potential than ever. 

Although we are still in the pandemic, let’s celebrate this upcoming small business week and meet new business owners who have found a way to thrive and survive and push through with their business to reach success and take their business to new heights.

Author – Quinten Van Beek

Hi there, my  name is Quinton Van Beek, I am currently 17 years old and in my senior year of high school. For the past few months, I have been educating myself about business and marketing. Being unsure where I wanted to take my next steps after high school had me searching for what I am really interested in.  This led me to a partnership with an agency a few months back to try and make some money and get some experience in the field.  Well, it didn’t turn out too well because I didn’t make a dime. However, that led me to ask more questions and take a different approach to this industry, I was then introduced to Samantha, and she took me in as an intern. Since starting at Clarity Marketing in September 2021 I have been given the opportunity to work on amazing projects  and I am already learning so much. I’m really focused on moving forward and excited to tackle the next thing that comes way.  Learning from someone like Samantha with over 15 years in the world of marketing has already been inspiring.  In the months ahead I hope to continue learning amazing things and accomplishing more projects with the team at Clarity.