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Brantford, ON

Social Media Questionnaire

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Give me an elevator pitch for your business. Who you are, what do you do?
What are your current forms of marketing? Mark all that apply.
Who is your ideal customer?
What problems are you solving for customers or what needs/desires are you meeting?
Provide 3-5 client testimonials to be featured if you can.
Are there any upcoming events that we could feature and spread awareness throughout the month? Any sales, special rates or promotions your business is offering next month that could be featured or launched?
As a busy business owner, do you have tools that you use everyday? How do you stay organized? Anything that helps with time management? What are somethings your using in your business that other MUST try as it can help keep things organized?
Are you and/or the business involved with any upcoming community events or initiatives? Are you partnered up with any community organizations that could be featured along with your involvement?
Any recent client projects completed we can feature? 3 could be best!
Any fairly recent nominations, awards or your business mentioned in the media/articles?
Who are your three closest competitors? Please provide Business Name, Website and/or Social Media Links.
Can you share 1-3 Social Media accounts you admire and think are knocking it out of the park? And why?
What characteristics does your companies brand possess? Mark all that apply.
What is your #1 goal for next month?
Anything else you'd like me to keep in mind or to incorporate into my planning of next month's social media content calendar?