I’m Taking a Break…

See you in September!

2021 has so far turned out to be the best year for my business in its 16 years. However, with all of that remarkable success has come a year filled with many days of working both day and night. To say that I’ve worked my butt off would be an understatement! That is why I have decided that I need to take a break this summer.

I’m not just taking a much-needed self-care break. I will also be using this opportunity to spend more time with my children before all three of them are going to be in elementary school. My youngest child is going off to junior kindergarten in September, which means I have precious little time to spend with my little one before a new chapter begins. We want to fully enjoy the time we all have together right now.

Even though I will be taking a considerable amount of time off this summer, I’ll still make sure I check my email a couple of times a week during it. However, the only services I will be providing will be to active clients and projects. I won’t be taking on any new clients or projects until September rolls around. This is to help me ensure I get the proper R&R I’d like to get.

Over the next few months, I’ll be spending time with my little ones on two separate mini-vacations that are within driving distance in our province. I’ve always wanted to see more of Ontario, and this is a great opportunity to do exactly that! We are all looking forward to these trips and creating new wonderful memories that we can cherish for years to come.

Everyone needs a break at some point, and that time has come for me. Burnout among entrepreneurs is very pervasive today. We push ourselves to our limits because we are passionate about what we do. However, if we keep redlining it, we will cause more harm than good to our business, including not being able to continue providing the highest quality service we can. I love what I do at Clarity Marketing & Design and want to ensure I am always delivering the best results for my clients and the projects I work on.

Once September rolls around, I’ll be fully back in entrepreneur work mode. If you are someone who hasn’t worked with us before, I will be more than happy to get started on your project after I’m back from my break.

See you in September!