Do I Need a Website?

Does your business have a website? If not, you’re probably not getting the awareness you need. Not only are websites a less expensive option for advertising, they are the most convenient way of promoting yourself to the public. It’s also a fantastic way of having your business available 24/7, worldwide. Competition is tough as it is; don’t sell yourself short by not having a searchable website.

Traditional window shopping is out; “online” window shopping is in. The type of business is irrelevant since all businesses should enter the online phenomenon. Consumers today are likely to Google your business expecting to be redirected to your site before visiting your store, or before picking up the phone. If you do in fact have a website, it’s crucial the site is appealing to customers.

If your website design is not compelling at first glance, whether it’s the theme you choose, word choice, pictures displayed, information given, or something as simple as the color of your font, your business traffic is likely to suffer.

Your website design should reflect how you want to position yourself in the minds of consumers, and brand yourself properly. Don’t just choose any template you find, it’s important to do some research and decide what “look” are you going for; casual, formal, colorful, modern, sky’s the limit. Along with layout, the content you choose is just as crucial to ensure maximum SEO, (Search Engine Optimization). You want to make sure your website contains the keywords that are relevant to your business.

Are you reading this thinking, “Wow, I need a website!”? Then contact me and I can help you get online, and provide the tools necessary to ensure maximum viewership you need!