5 Productive Things You Can Do When Business Is Slow

For most if not all entrepreneurs, there comes a time where business is slower than usual, whether it be during holiday periods or a specific season, but don’t fret – there are productive tasks you can do to fine tune your business when this happens.

Revise your marketing strategy

Look at your strategy, analytics, and assess whether it’s working and if changes need to be applied. It’s a great time to reflect on how you’ve done things and what you might need to do differently.


LinkedIn is a useful tool for connecting with other professionals which can provide you with work and learning opportunities to sharpen your skills and knowledge.

Competitor research

Do competitor research and have a look at what they are doing and how they are connecting with their audiences. If you’re wanting to improve your social media presence to build brand awareness, have a look at their accounts to see their best performing posts and to get inspiration for your own content.

Send out surveys to your existing and previous customers

The best way to find out what you’re doing wrong is through customer feedback. There is a lot of useful information a customer can provide you from how content they were with your service to if they would recommend your business to a friend.

Expand on the services you provide

Offering a wide variety of services to consumers increases your value you are able to provide in comparison to only offering one or two specific services, the more the merrier!