Completing this questionnaire will help me understand your project requirements. It will also serve as a website planner to walk you through the process of articulating your needs. Please just skip any questions that you don't feel are relevant to this project.

Client Contact Information

Project Information

Do you have a domain registered? If so, what is it?
Do you currently have web hosting? Who is the host? Would you like a hosting recommendation?
Is there a date when this project needs to be completed by?
What is the budget range for this project?
Do you already have a logo & colors?

Your Website Goals & Objectives

If you have a current website please answer...

Check out your competition

Review three competitor's websites


When you look at the design of websites in general, not just your competition...
List adjectives that describe what you like about the look and feel of the site (ex. modern, traditional, clean, clear and professional)
Please specify what you like on the site
ex. dark background, drop down menus etc.

Your Message & Audience

ex. middle age women local to Calgary who are interested in wellness
ex. do you want people to call, buy, register, subscribe, donate or look at your portfolio?

Planning your Website

ex. home page, pages with sidebar, full width page etc.
ex. blog, multiple authors, shopping cart, paypal buttons, event calendar, contact form etc.